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Tutor Service List

Competitive Fees

All tutoring sessions in person and charged at a per session (1.5 hours) rate.

We offer in home tutoring but usually sessions are held in local libraries.  There is a $5.00 charge for travel beyond 20 miles from Easley SC.

Subjects (Owner/Teacher  has been SC certified in math and science subjects)

  • High School Math - Includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra one, Algebra Two, Pre Calc,  Calculus, and Statistics/Probability.  All levels including Honors and AP.  
  • $40.00 per session
  • Chemistry
  • $40.00 per session plus lab fees if labs are utilized
  • Physics per session plus lab fees if labs are utilized
  • $40.00 per session
  • Physical Science or Earth Science
  • $40.00 per session
  • Standardized Tests Preparation   $35.00 per session for 3, 1.5 hour sessions
  • ACT and SAT preparation for the math and science sections (no English)
  • $35.00 per session, usually requires 3 sessions.
  • Guitar Lessons Beginner and Intermediate   $25.00 per 45 min lesson.  Student responsible for books and guitar.


Masters Degree in Education,

High school and Tech. College teaching and tutoring experience (16 years),

Electronics Engineering

Providing the very best opportunity for students to improve their performance in school.  

Professional tutoring in math, physics and chemistry.